Our Product Development Principles

When properly applied, cosmetics mustn’t damage the skin. While advertisements continuously bring attention to an ever-growing range of new products, the number of dissatisfied customers complaining about their skin condition is continuously on the rise. It’s obvious that everyone should focus instead on prevention instead of pharmaceutical treatments which can entail side effects.

Sensitivity to cosmetics is a modern skin condition and is something every fourth citizen has experienced. According to dermatologists, allergic symptoms can be explained – amongst other things – by the fact that people are using a growing number of products which contain substances that can cause sensitivity. It’s important to keep in mind that the burden posed by the problematic substances contained in various cosmetics can add up.

People react differently to the criticized substances. People with thinner and lighter skin are more prone to sensitivity. Irritation also commonly occurs in the case of people with dry skin or those who wash their skin too frequently. Sometimes one might use the same cosmetics for decades without any complaints before their skin suddenly develops a sensitivity.

Apart from fragrances, in the case of cosmetics, substances which cause sensitivity include preservatives, emulsifiers and dyes, whilst naturally, any impurities deposited in the products during manufacturing (e.g. chrome, nickel) also pose a threat to the skin.
It’s particularly important for individuals prone to allergies and those with sensitive skin, as well for children to avoid cosmetics containing substances harmful to the health.

Due to the above-listed considerations, instead of manufacturing cheap products in bulk, our firm has chosen to produce quality cosmetics containing no substances causing sensitivity and has utilized over thirty years’ worth of experience to develop the appropriate recipes.

Preservative Agents

Usually, commercially available cosmetics can be used for a period of 3 years (this is limited to 1 year in the case of natural cosmetics). However, the preservation solutions developed by our firm allows for the natural cosmetics developed by our firm to last for up to 24 months. This is a commercially vital consideration which represents a significant competitive advantage. The preservatives ensure that the products are protected from microorganisms, fungi and bacteria. It’s obvious that the longer a product is to be preserved, the more preservatives must be used. Products containing high levels of water and protein obviously require more and a wider range of preservatives. Shelf life is mainly provided by synthetic or inorganic substances which some feel are used in excess.

The shelf life of 24 months and the lack of parabens and other chemical preservatives are achieved through the use of modern substances. We use preservative substances made from black radish extract and other materials recognized by natural cosmetics certifying organizations.

Additional Features

The products are free of coloring agents and synthetic perfumes! Fragrances are provided by essential oils and perfumes free from allergenic substances, which are produced for us by a German perfume factory. All of our products contain plant-based emulsifiers and oils. We refrain from using mineral oils and related substances or animal-based products.

Our skincare products are made with plant-based protein, herbal extracts, minerals and other natural ingredients.